MYONESEN VENTURES (“MV” or “Company”) is a company specialising in multiple nature of business. Comprising of Business Consultation, Environmental & Agriculture Consultation, Information Technology (IT) Consultation, International Trading of Machineries & Equipments for various industries, Research & Development and Sourcing Agent.

The company was registered back in May 2011 with a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, that wants to make the world a better place to live in.

We has been established in the compost industry for several years and is known for its ability in recycling biomass into high quality compost by utilising its advanced composting system. From biomass to fuel briquettes, to generate a renewable source of energy (Renewable Energy) and to avoid adding green house gas to the atmosphere.

Our company provides consultation services to clients, who wish to venture into recycling industries. Assisting our client with state-of-the-art solutions and perfect guidance to full the needs of our clients.

The company doesn’t just stop at focusing on recycling industries, we also equipped ourself with other form of expertise. Precision Agriculture is another eld that our company has explores to provide a better understanding and needs for farming management. Radar Based Terrain Monitoring Systems is used to monitor land movement such as hill slopes (landslides), ground surface (sink holes) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

MV is actively venturing into unexplored business areas and discovering new business opportunity. We also provides services such as Rapid Prototyping and Industrial Automation. Our R&D team are always looking into areas, which able to help to ease the job of others by coming out with new ideas and solutions.

Our active exploration has helped us to identify other business opportunity, such as the Green Energy industry. Solar Power Generation, conversion of the sun light to electricity for a small scale household self-consumption use or a solar farm feeding it back to grid. Micro Hydro Solutions, using water to generate electricity (Water Energy) to a small village or powering the surrounding area.

Information Technology (IT) Solutions is another business MV has been long in the industry. Partnering with a local partner Digital Trend Sdn Bhd, in providing e-Procurement Solutions, Mobile Apps Building, Commerce Exchange, Outsourcing, Consulting Services and many more. One of our flagship product, Penguin Apps Builder, is a platform that enable non-IT people to be able to create their own mobile apps without having any technical knowledge.