The initial idea came way back in time, we used to see senior citizens or even young child being lost in public places. Being separated with your loves one is a very terrible feeling. Every now and then, when we open up our social media app, we can come across public pleads to locate their loves one. Or some good people who have found some senior citizen roaming around aimlessly as they don’t have any clue where they lived or how to contact their next of kin.

Projek Balik Rumah a.k.a GetBackHome Project is built on this fundamental. We would like to prevent this from happening to our loves one.

The project aim is to help people with Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Developmental challenges, Autism, PTSD and All people with special needs.

The products usages don’t just stop there, with the same product it will be used for your goods, pets and etc. Anything that can’t speak on their own and wish to get back to their rightful owner.

Our mission is to help Our Loved Ones Who May Wander or Need Assistance! We Help Reunite those who might become lost or disoriented with their Families, Loved ones, and Caregivers using new and existing technologies in ways that are practical, easy to access and affordable.

When he or she is found they often are unable to identify themselves and do not ask for help or carry an ID. They are usually unable to communicate their needs, share personal information and what might be done to help calm them. Also, what the rescuer should know in an emergency such as medical conditions. That’s where “GetBackHome” aka “Balik Rumah” comes in.